Samantha Scholl

Director of Entrepreneur Programs at the BBB

Meet Samantha Scholl, the Director of Entrepreneur Programs at the Better Business Bureau serving the Pacific Southwest, proudly residing in vibrant San Diego. A relentless advocate for equal access and opportunities, she champions the aspirations of entrepreneurs, instilling empowerment through unwavering support. She oversees the Empower by GoDaddy Program and will be your guide throughout the program! She is here for YOU!
She is a mentor, coach, public speaker, teacher, friend and more.

Collaborating with her exceptional team, Samantha pioneers innovative initiatives that ignite transformation. Her leadership propels educational programs, resources, networking, and mentorship, creating success bridges for everyday entrepreneurs and those in underserved communities.

Samantha's spirit thrives on adventure. An adrenaline junkie and an avid travel blogger, she's ventured across 65 countries, weaving experiences on a shoestring budget into the colorful tapestry of her life's journey.

Alex Hernandez

Entrepreneur Program Coordinator

I am a first-generation master's student at Arizona State University. Outside of attending Arizona State University, I am the Entrepreneur Programs Coordinator at the Better Business Bureau serving the Pacific Southwest. I am your go-to guy for all things Empower! I assist with outreach, engagement, and business development and have assisted in graduating over 250+ small businesses within six Empower cohorts. My main goal is to assist with the organization's mission, vision, and values while finding ways to improve the Empower by GoDaddy program by providing organizational improvements that affect the program's overall structure.

Faustine Chan

Community and Business Programs Director

Faustine Chan oversees the Business and Community Center in Phoenix, AZ while leading the community and business programs for Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest. She also oversees the BBB scholarship programs and is an active volunteer in her community, dedicating her time to Arizona DECA and FBLA. She is an ASU Sun Devil alumni and loves to spend time with her family, including her dog Whiskey.

Rosie Carrillo

Community Impact and Project Manager

Rosie Carrillo serves as BBB PacSW's Community Impact and Project Manager. Through her role, Rosie leads the program evaluation efforts for the Innovation and Entrepreneur Programs team. Additionally, Rosie oversees BBB's coworking space, ignite sparked by BBB, in Phoenix, AZ. She recently earned her Master of Nonprofit Leadership and a Certificate in Social Impact Strategy from the University of Pennsylvania. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business Management from Grand Canyon University. In her spare time, she enjoys making flower bouquets and arrangements and spending time with her family and friends.

picture of Rosie Carillo

Jose Anca

Capital Access Manager

Jose is a young bilingual professional passionate about engaging small business owners and improving corporate social strategy through a lens of inclusion and equity. He is currently serving as the Capital Access Manager at the BBB PacSW with a demonstrated background including financial strategy, program administration, policy advocacy, and community engagement relating to finance and banking. Jose has served and worked to improve financial access and inclusion for vulnerable populations that would otherwise have limited opportunity to amass wealth or gain access to resources needed to thrive.

Karen Bryant

Community Concierge Lead San Diego

I am the dedicated and enthusiastic Community Concierge for ignite sparked by BBB Coworking and Meeting destination in San Diego. I have a passion for making great connections that generate meaningful interactions. I love bringing individuals and businesses together to cultivate, collaborate, grow, and thrive! I have a background in customer service, hospitality, and event coordination, and as part of the BBB team, I love bringing all those skills to the table. My passion for hospitality drives my commitment to everyone who walks through the door to feel at ease, welcomed, and excited about coming back!

Rochelle Petrie

Community Concierge Lead, Phoenix

Rochelle Petrie is the Community Concierge and Outreach Coordinator for the Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest. With a background in the hospitality and travel industry, she provides exceptional hospitality to all our guests who come through the Business & Community Center and shares her knowledge of BBB resources with the community. Originally from Manchester, England, she loves to travel and has a goal of visiting all 50 states.

Maria Alvarez

Community Concierge and Project Coordinator

I am the Community Concierge and Project Coordinator of the ignite sparked by BBB coworking space in Phoenix and I am the primary point of contact for members and guests. I love to provide a welcoming and collaborative environment amongst our "igniters" and visitors!

Ligia Chang

Business Outreach and Communications Coordinator

Hi and welcome to Empower by GoDaddy! As the Business Outreach and Communications Corodinator, I have the opportunity to create our community summits, congratulate student scholarship winners, provide scam updates during interviews, and so much more. While you're in the cohort, you may see my face during your online sessions, as well as assist the team in Phoenix for in-person gatherings. I can't wait to meet you!

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